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Old English sheepdog Bobtail

The Old English Sheepdog bobtail is a large dog with a very effective appearance, covered with lush, dense fur that requires regular care, always one coat: a slate gray coat and white markings. Bobtail is a very sociable dog, affectionate towards his family, non-aggressive.


The Old English Sheepdog Bobtail is a cheerful dog with a cheerful nature and a friendly attitude to the world. Hereditary gentleness makes him a great companion for children. For this reason, he was even called “nanny”. For a dog of this breed, the most important thing is human contact. You should absolutely not leave him alone.

Old English sheepdog Bobtail


Many bobtail owners forget that they were once working dogs and do not use their mental potential. Fortunately, most Old English Sheepdogs can also adapt to a calmer lifestyle.

Old English sheepdog Bobtail. Training and education

The Old English Sheepdog Bobtail is intelligent and learns quickly. He is happy to perform the tasks set before him, he loves to play. Matures late, even at the age of three, he can behave like a puppy.

Old English sheepdog Bobtail

Who is this race for?

The gentle disposition and ease of upbringing mean that even a novice owner can handle this dog. However, it should be remembered that this breed is demanding in other respects.

Old English sheepdog Bobtail. Advantages and disadvantages


  • the coat requires very labor-intensive, expensive care
  • sometimes stubborn


  • a very nice family dog
  • easy to raise
  • friendly towards people and animals
  • doesn’t need much traffic
  • suitable for a novice owner

Old English sheepdog Bobtail. Health

Due to the generous coat, the Old English Sheepdog bobtail does not tolerate heat very well. On hot summer days, it should not be taken for long walks. These dogs are usually in good health. As with many breeds, there are hip dysplasia and genetic eye diseases – PRA and cataracts.

Old English sheepdog Bobtail


Bobtail has no particular nutritional requirements, it can be fed with both home-made food and ready-made foods.


If you would like to show your bobtail at exhibitions, you must be prepared for labor-intensive and expensive care. To keep your dog’s hair in good condition, a minimum of six hours a week must be spent combing (preferably about half an hour a day).

The coat of the dogs of this breed felts very easily, especially under the influence of moisture. Therefore, the Old English Sheepdog Bobtail should avoid water.

Old English sheepdog Bobtail

For bobtail care, you need cosmetics that are not cheap, and such a large and shaggy dog ​​needs a lot of them. It’s best to ask an experienced breeder or show your pet to a good hairdresser to shape the garment for the exhibition.

It takes a dozen or so hours to prepare a dog for the exhibition, which mainly consists of tedious drying after bathing. For the owner who is not interested in displaying a pet, the best solution is to regularly groom the dog for a short time.

Old English sheepdog Bobtail. History

The origin of the breed is not thoroughly studied. It probably began to take shape in the early nineteenth century in southwest England. Bearded collies could have a significant role in its creation. Another theory is that the ancestors of bobtails were shaggy Russian Shepherds. This breed also has a blood supply of dogs, as evidenced by the structure of the body.

Old English sheepdog Bobtail

Old records mention drover dogs, whose task was to help in driving cattle and sheep to the market. No tax was required for working dogs, and their tails were cut to distinguish them from others. The lack of a tail quickly became one of the characteristics of the breed and was reflected in the name – “bobtail”, meaning “short tail” in English.

This breed is well known in the world, but nowhere is not very popular. In Poland, bobtails appeared in 1975. They do not belong to rare dogs, but individual copies appear in exhibitions.


Old English Sheepdog Bobtail – Group I FCI, Section 1, Model No. 16

  • Country of origin: Great Britain
  • Character: cheerful, intelligent, emotional, gentle, attached to the family
  • Size: dogs min. 55.8 cm, bitches less, weight 30-50 kg
  • Coat: very long and rich, with fairly hard hair; the hair is neither straight nor curly
  • Ointment: various shades of gray or blue, most often with white markings
  • Lifespan: 10-11 years Vulnerability to training: high
  • Activity: likes physical and mental effort, but adapts well to a calm lifestyle
  • Resistance to diseases: resistant
  • Possibility to buy a puppy: little kennel, you have to order a puppy in advance

Interesting facts

Unlike several other shepherd breeds, naturally tailless dogs are virtually nonexistent among bobtails. Nowadays, when more and more countries introduce a ban on copying tails, the name “bobtail” begins to acquire a customary character.

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