What dog for a family with a child, and what for an elderly person? Advice!

When choosing a dog for a family, you must also take into account the age of its future owner. In this case, strength intentions must be measured in particular!

When we choose a dog for a family with children, we usually place the greatest emphasis on showing that it does not show aggression towards people or animals. This is the right approach, but this criterion is not enough.

Spring bitches

Every day a dog accompanying a family with children is tested at least as much as a working animal. Family quadrupeds receive much more signals from their surroundings every day than those who live with a lonely person. Animals with a weaker mind may endure this badly.

In most cases, they work better as a family dog ​​bitch. Shepherd dogs can pose a lot of problems because of the tendency to rush and even nibble everything that runs. Four-legged defensive breeds, e.g. a Rottweiler or German Shepherd, are suitable for the role of a family dog ​​only if they are perfectly trained.

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Older people can definitely have a quadruped. However, we do not recommend them for working, pastoral, defensive or hunting dogs. Some of the breeds proposed by us require careful care, but this should not be an obstacle – after all, a pensioner usually has a lot of free time.

It’s good for an elderly person’s dog to have extraordinary intelligence and the ability to communicate with people – the breeds we recommend have these qualities.

In the role of dogs in the autumn of life, crossbreeds, as well as older quadrupeds taken from the shelter often work well. The choice of such a pet, however, involves some risk, so before making a decision about adoption, the future owner should get to know him as best as possible.

What should a dog be like home with children?

The ideal dog for children should be small or medium and have a mild or medium temperament. It’s good to be playful, easy to train, and resistant to pain and noise.

Breeds recommended for families with children:

Breeds that we do not recommend for families with children:  shar pei,  akita,  american staffordshire terrier, caucasian shepherd, dalmatian.

What should a dog be like for an elderly person?

A dog for an elderly person should also be small or medium, mild, with low or medium temperament. Nor can it have too much strength or excessive demands when it comes to movement.

Breeds recommended for older people:

Breeds that we do not recommend to older people:  German Shepherd, doberman,  border collieGerman dog.

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