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American pitbull terrier

A muscular, physically fit American pitbull terrier can be a great companion for an active person. This breed is not recognized by the largest European cynological organization – FCI, but officially recognized by some associations in its homeland, that is, in the United States.


Contrary to appearances (and what many owners of these dogs believe in), Pitbulls are sensitive dogs and easy to close in on. They work great with those people who are able to maintain the clarity and clarity of the message in the training. They can’t deal with unreasonable brutality. This is evidenced by statistics showing among abandoned pitbull, looking for new homes, a very high percentage of dogs suffering from deep depression.

In normal life, American pit bull terriers are cheerful, cheerful companions, very affectionate towards their own family. They are strongly attached to people and like to show it. It is hard to call them delicate – the pitbull will pass us on our feet, and jumping up will put our head in the chin with excess joy and will not even notice it.

Some dogs exhibit a feature that breed experts call “gameness.” It is tenacity combined with a strong need to win – feelings so strong that they allow the dog to act even despite severe pain or discomfort. Theoretically, this is a positive feature for sports dogs and those pets that should work better and better, regardless of adversity. The problem is that gameness can manifest itself in a dangerous situation, e.g. during an unwanted dog fight in a public place – hence the story of how difficult it is to separate a pitbull from an opponent. It is not for nothing that here and there there are hints about carrying a “breaking stick”, i.e. tools for opening dog jaws …

Much depends on the strength of the guide’s character and his reflexes: you can raise a pitbull so that it is not dangerous to other animals, but it requires effort and strength of character – these dogs perfectly sense our weaknesses.

While the pitbull’s attitude towards other dogs can be rather negative, it almost never happens to people – unless, of course, the dog was not specifically taught aggression towards humans. Pitbulls are naturally submissive to the human species.


An athlete like an American pit bull terrier can show you a whole range of skills: jumping, running, swimming … Pitbull is not a marathon runner by conviction, but rather works on medium distances.

He will also be happy to practice various types of weight pulling (“strong dog”), i.e. weightlifting. During the game, the handler may encourage the dog in various ways, but may not touch the dog, use treats, toys or other items, chew the pet on others, etc.

Pitbull will also be great at competitions where the possibilities of vertical jumping (“high jump”) are checked. There are also competitions called “wall climbing” – it is a competition in climbing the wall.

In addition, the pit will be happy to practice different forms of sports obedience. Maybe even try his hand at the agility track?

Training and education

Pitbull is a dog that – thankfully – is easily rewarded. Delights him and delicacies, and playing with a ball on a string, and accordingly enthusiastic praise of the owner.

From the beginning, it is necessary to place great emphasis on subordinating the pitbull to the guardian, which is achieved by consistency, not by force. You cannot allow aggression against other animals.

The American pit bull terrier is a very intelligent breed, which is why it is worth teaching the animal as many commands as possible, even if they were just ordinary dog ​​tricks – such brain training is a great pleasure for a pit. Another thing is that the pitbull is boring relatively easily, so training should be varied as much as possible. This is not the type of top student who can withstand boring “sawing” still the same command.

Who is this race for?

For active, balanced and confident people – it is almost certain that a pitbull raised by a person with an inferiority complex will become a dangerous animal. Dogs of this breed find themselves perfectly in families with children, towards whom they are very caring, but it is very important that they are well-behaved from the beginning and have a reasonable adult guide.

American pitbull terrier. Advantages and disadvantages


  • the tendency to fight with dogs
  • poor reading of sedative signals
  • slow recovery from arousal states
  • low resistance to high and low temperatures


  • intelligent
  • easy to learn
  • very physically fit
  • sensitive


The American pit bull terrier is at risk of hip dysplasia, which is why the origin of the animal we decide on is important. Sometimes drunks suffer from joint problems caused by overtraining – the owners, delighted with the physical fitness of their pets, require too much from animals, which are characterized by high pain resistance, so they usually signal very late that a problem has appeared …

There are also skin diseases in the breed, sometimes allergic (watch out for karma!) And a tendency to become drowsy.

American pitbull terrier


Pitbulls should get good quality food with a high percentage of meat. Like most short-haired dogs, they are prone to food allergies, which is why choosing a good diet is so important.

It is also worth remembering their considerable activity, which accelerates peristalsis and facilitates fat burning. These are not dogs eating little! It is necessary to pay attention that the dog rests after eating. Taking physical activity right after a meal can result in a stomach twist.


Pitbull is not a breed for lovers of meticulous combing or curling of dog hair. On the contrary – hard, close-fitting short hair does not require any special care. It is enough to brush the dog from time to time, especially during the molting period.

It is worth taking care of the eye condition, checking for secretions in the corners. In older dogs, we control the condition of tartar that builds up.


A strong collar and durable leash are the basis. If we are planning a career in weight pulling for our pets, we should try to get special braces (straps) for this discipline.

American pitbull terrier. History

Around the beginning of the nineteenth century, fans of dogs from England, Scotland and Ireland began to create mixtures of terriers with the then bulldogs. They tried to get a dog that was as tough as a terrier, but at the same time strong and athletic as a bulldog, and they succeeded. The general population was then called ‘pit and bull’ or ‘pit dog’.

These animals were used mainly for the specifically understood “sport”, which were fighting against bulls or bears or competitions killing rats on time. When such practices were banned in England, the owners of pit dogs went underground, literally – because it was in the basements and abandoned underground that dog fights were already organized (at that time illegal).

American pitbull terrier

Part of the pits’ population went with their owners to the American continent, where they were used for fighting. However, towards the end of the century, attempts to systematize farming began. In 1898, the breed was given the name American Pit Bull Terrier, which today is considered a big mistake – the breed does not have much in common with terriers and was not created in America. The UKC, or United Kennel Club, was established to register individual individuals, and a little later – the ADBA organization, i.e. the American Dog Breeders Association.

From the 1930s, breeders tried to make the breed recognized by the American Kennel Club. It worked, but under the name “Staffordshire Terrier” – and it was the beginning of a split in one breed so far. In 1974, the breed, in general, changed its name to American Staffordshire Terrier – we know it today – to distinguish amstaff of Staffordshire Bull Terriers ( Staffy ).

American pitbull terrier

Most pit bull owners (American pitbotters) preferred not to move to the AKC, because it would mean assigning the dog to one of the new breeds. So they remained loyal to their parent organizations. Therefore, at the moment, when buying a small file, it is registered in one of these two associations: UCC or ADBA. The International Kennel Club (FCI) does not officially recognize a pit bull, so you cannot register an American Pit Bull Terrier with it.

American pitbull terrier. Template

American pitbull terrier (pitbull, pit bull) – a race not recognized by the FCI

  • Country of origin: USA
  • Size: bitches: 43-50 cm, dogs: 45-53 cm
  • Coat: short, hard and dense, shiny coat
  • Ointment: all color combinations allowed (except merle)
  • Lifespan: 13-14 years
  • Weather resistance: medium

Interesting facts

Pitbull lovers include actor Kevin Bacon. Gwiazdor has a pitbull named Lilly. He and his wife took part in the “Kissed By A Pit” campaign, which was to combat stereotypes about the race. To join the “Kissed By A Pit” one had to send the organizers a photo with a pitbull, giving the owner a juicy kiss, i.e. a licking man on the face, and send a symbolic donation to an organization helping dogs of this breed. The response was huge – it turned out that no one had a problem to persuade your pita to lick …

In the US Army during World War I, Pitbull Stubby served, who was awarded the rank of Sergeant as a warning to soldiers against a gas attack.

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